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searched with warrants and attempted arrests. sources say some arrests were made and the case stemmed from violent crime. people who live close to the locations watched as they described the early morning raids. >> the police out here and [inaudible]. >> like atf agents. >> yeah. >> reporter: sources say not all the targets of the raids have been arrested yet which is why the state's attorney's office hasn't release a statement. they are the lead in this case. the office said it'll promise to release as much information as possible as soon as possible. we will of course continue to follow this story and the developments and bring them to you as we get them. >> all right. tonight we have a lot of questions around a parent arrested for walking into a baltimore city school on thursday, carrying a concealed
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weapon. police say the unlicensed cap driver spotted a gun that fell to the ground as the man got out of the cab outside the academy for college and career. when rodney parker pick ited up, put it inside his pocket and walked in to the building the hack waved down a police officer and they secured the gun. parker was apparently there to attend a parent teacher conference. he now faces a pair of gun charges. and new information tonight an a triple shoot that killed two brothers. police released their names tonight. allen and darion horton along with a family member were shot tuesday night. police say this was a home invasion so tonight they are look for more than one suspect. if you think you can help with a tip call city homicide right now. and another popular energy drink is being investigated by the fda as a possible factor in
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several deaths. >> monster was linked to five deaths, now five hour will also be investigated. officials say it may have been at least a factor in 13 deaths over the last four years. it contains less caffeine than monster but more than one could be potentially dangerous. >> now someone was to drink multiple cans which is when we see a lost side effects with this you are getting up to huge amounts, 30, 40 cups of coffee. >> reporter: the makers of the drinks point out they are just claims and there is no proven link between the drinks and the deaths. most experts say the fatal dose for an adult would be nearly impossible to drink but the energy drinks could be dangerous for children with heart problems. >> the former cia direct ear breaking his silence saying he never gave away classified information to his mistress.
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the government officials say they don't expect the scandal toa to affect anyone else. >> reporter: during his visit to thailand the secretary of defense said he doesn't expect other military officers to become caught up in the sex scandal which has entangled john allen. >> i have a lot of confidence in general allen. i don't think anybody should cup to conclusions. >> reporter: he wouldn't talk about the e-mails between allen and jill kelley who sought out the fbi after getting a series of threatening message that made her think somebody was stalk her and her friend. kelley reached out to fred humphries whose lawyer said he launched the investigation and
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went to congress when he thought there was a cover up. >> if we hadn't had an individual that apparently believed in right and wrong with no gray we may never have gotten to where we are in this case. >> reporter: the threatening e- mails send to kelley allegedly came from paula broadwel, l who is dodging the media. her security clearance as revoked they continue to look at why she had classified documents on her computer. the president said he believes there was no security l aps e. despite knowing about the affair for more than a month before the election the fbi didn't tell the white house. they are defending their actions, the president said he is with holding judgement and is waiting for a full explanation. abc news new york. >> bp agrees to pay $4.5 billion in cash to the government for the oil spill in the gulf of mexico.
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in the settlement three employees will face criminal charges, two are charged with manslaughter. the explosion on the rig 50 miles off the coast of louisiana killed 11 workers. it sent 200 million-gallons of oil in to the water and today bp said it was neglect. two employee was charged with manslaughter or negligence in their supervision of safety tests. i third former employee was charged with obstruction of congress and making false statements to investigators. most of the money will go to the gulf coast states affected by the spill. >> a 66-year-old man is behind bars right now. he is a accused of sexually assaulting two boys. >> neighbors say john charles farrow is part a family family. we are live with more details on this case. >> reporter: john farrow is the
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brother of actress mia farrow. those in the area know him as a family man with two sons. maybe the most out of the way community. you can almost throw a stone in to the bay from wakefield road. most folks knew of the 66-year- old, egg from the boat dealership he used to own and the fact that he proudly told people he was the brother of mia farrow. he was also a sexual predator police say and allegedly abuse two young boys for years. >> we are aware of two victims. we believe these inappropriate encounters took place dating back to 2000 to 2008. mainly at suspect's residence. >> reporter: according to charging documents the victims claim thea started when they were ten. farrow is a ceus of touching
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them and preforming sex acts on him. police say it went on for year was him showing them porn in a camper behind the house. neighbors say they can't believe it. everybody knows everybody here and he was known as a nice family man. >> only had a few interactions with him and he is just a very nice man and his son is very nice and polite and it was shocking. >> reporter: this point police say they are looking for other possible victims because often times it's difficult for people to come forward. >> if they had contact with him, information as small as it may seem we want to hear from them. we would like for them to come forward and present that information to us. >> reporter: he is facing several child sexual abuse counts including at least two counts of sex offense second degree and perverted practice. he is being held on $800,000 bond. abc 2news. >> sometimes when you aren't
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looking for it the news just ends up at your front door. >> you are right about that. we had an attempted break-in here at abc2 today. a deer tried to come through the front door in to the lobby. take a look at this, the shattered glass. now the security supervisor on duty said the deer just came up the walkway and ran in to the glass and after the glass broke the animal turned around and went off onto york road. >> going on, the deer is already running the reflection confusing them. what they are seeing is the background, reflection action they are seeing the trees, the skyline and they think -- they don't realize it's a hard object they are about to run in. they think they can keep ongoing until they hit it and then it's a hard surface and they are stunned. >> reporter: though the deer gave everybody a good scare nobody was hurt. the deer is a little injured but we don't know where it is. >> clear glass. don't have that in the wild.
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tried to come through. didn't work. temperatures mid40s. low 40s in townsend. 47 easton. chilly, no question. its been cloudy for most of the day. a bit of a system developing now across the carolina coast. we expect this to just sort of meander out to sea, the cape hatt era s area and out over the open atlantic. perhaps we will seat cloud cover. maybe breezy conditions toward the second half of the weekend and early next week. right now hour by hour overnight just a clear, cool, brisk november night. down to 33 by dawn. how things shape up through the weekend coming up. >> a local school one of just five in the country to receive a special grant. delaney high was gifted an educator for a day grant. all the parents and community
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members were invited into see how what you learn translates to the real world. they picked the school for the work its been doing with students. >> we recognize schools across the country who are doing really inspiring things for students, for six years we actually have two schools with in the maryland area who received it this year. >> kelley went to delaney and mike. the money will go toward financing classrooms and providing technology and supplies. >> want to give a very special shout out to students and their teacher. we got this on facebook. this is her first grade class. they collected canned goods for two local food kitchens. they came up with the idea. they made up posters and they collected 674 cans.
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way to go. first grade. >> that's great. not everybody can afford to put food on the table at thank giving so the food bank is trying to help out. how they are stuffing buses tonight. and what you can do to help. >> week from tomorrow the biggest shopping day of the year will be here. y may want to shop earlier. >> and if you are looking for extra cash there is an app for that.
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. all right, black friday is just eight day away but the sales are starting. >> john shows us why you may have to shop while your family is still celebrating so you don't waste your money >> reporter: black friday, the day after thank giving a shopping day many of us plan
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for, wait for and stay up all night for. this year it's moving earlier than ever, as a result you may not have to get in line in the early hours of friday morning. when target released it's ad two weeks before halloween many people couldn't believe it. the shopping season is now earlier than ever. forget standing in line for 5:00 a.m. story i amazon is running daily deals every day through the month of november. add midnight wal-mart, best buy, macy's and kohl's will open along with other outlet malls. sear's will open at eight p.m. thanksgiving day and kmart is open all day thursday in case crazy uncle eddie is driving you crazy at dinner. from the does -- buying something on black iday and finding cheaper three days later on cyber monday. you will see you doesn't that
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stink in that's why if you plan a big electronics purchase check all the online prices first and pay special attention to cyber monday ads. you don't want your great friday find to be a bad deal on monday. of course some deals available only on black friday at 5 or 6:00 a.m. so no matter how many sales start a day or two earlier, some key door busters will still require standing in line at 4:00 a.m. don't waste your money. >> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> it's a chilly, chilly night now that we have had sunset. 58% relative humidity. dew point 32, temperature 46, headed down in to the 30s once again tonight. a chilly weather situation. take a look at the set up today. cloudy situation throughout the day here at robert w coleman. not to far from druid hill park. a cloudy day, holding temperatures down in roland
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park. we had a tough time getting temperatures out of the mid40s. i saw it on the weatherbug site there. so, temperatures now in the mid40s to near 50, that's the set up for the moment. as we look at the set up here across the states, still cloudy, few showers out of north carolina into southern virginia. still keeping the forecast dry. the set up looking like most of the precipitation will stay to the south and east. there is clear weather across the midwest and that should start to edge in tomorrow. should allow for more sun. more significant warm up on tap as well. we check out the trend you can see what's happening here. the chill hanging out. high pressure will try to edge in further tomorrow. help clear the skies, push the clouds off shore and the coastal system will sit out and continue to churm off the
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carolina coast. overall high pressure over the ohio valley should continue to keep your weather on the dry side, with generally sunny skies, temperatures moderating back in to the mid50s tomorrow and the next few days, as we go further out we -- switch that coast, churning off shore. as we move toward the big travel days of early next week and we expect conditions to stay fairly clear along the east coast. if your flight took you overseas, bermuda or into europe possibly you will have a turbulent ride but a chill chilly air flow. perhaps warming up as we go into turkey day. tonight down to 33. we continue to be cold tomorrow. 53, sun, mixed with clouds, on the cool side. next few days the set up. staying cool, saturday and sunday but a little mildler. right now the weather looks uneventful for the game in pittsburgh on sunday night.
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uneventful weather wise. very eventful on the gridiron. we expect to see the temperatures around 40 at kickoff at hines field in pittsburgh. as we look beyond that into that busiest travel dave the year by some accounts on wednesday clear skies for flyers, clear on the train rails, that's good deal. into the thursday, breezy and upper 50s for turkey day. not a bad deal. we brought them back. there is tom. we missed tom. its been 360 days. >> sound effects too. i love that. >> they will be back in effect. >> the weather team has been busy. >> i know it. first wyatt and now lynette hitting the classroom. going back to school. she spent time at elementary school reading to the students today. want to send out a thank you for the school for inviting her many look how well she reads. >> way to go. >> good story teller. >> one local man shows house with a little time invested he
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has been able to make hundreds, hundreds. cheryl connor shows us how to be financially smart with your smart phone. >> reporter: toasted bread, melted cheese. now that is american magic. add in some extra dough and it doesn't get much better. the grilled cheese and company makes the classic sandwhich with a twist. the dough we are talking about, is right here and it all start was a smart phone. >> all the gigs in the area. >> reporter: those gigs may make you giggle. mark let us follow him to a job, one that took just five minutes and he made five dollars. >> anything to do tonight or have an hour in a certain area i can look it up and make five or ten, $15 instead of sitting around. >> reporter: that extra money has added up to over $1,600 in just four moss. he dedicates abouta round four
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hours a week. gig walk said the goal is to make it easy to earn a few extra dollars. some have people counting items on a shelf or just verifying the price. it was created last year. it's free to down load and free to use. we skyped with the company. >> certain companies need jobs done in particular locations. to do that before they need to go hire staffing agencies to go find somebody for them or post on craigslist and do a manual process. >> reporter: that's where mark comes in or you and i along with an i-phone. you can pick from several jobs, locally. >> from the other perspective of the restaurant. >> reporter: this posting asks m to take pictures inside and out along with a panoramic view. the money is then put in his pay pal account. >> i wanted to -- we are saving for a house and i used the action money from this to maybe we want to go out to
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dinner. >> reporter: five dollars here, ten there, all adds up to another bank account and minimal time invested. >> you don't have to be tech saavy. if you learn how to use the i- phone or simple app it's that easy. >> cheryl connor. >> smile. smile. smile. just made five dollars. just like that. it's only available to i-phone users but there are plans to expand to android. we have set up all these links on the website at abc >> not bad. >> a nice smile. >> thank you. >> its been over two weeks since sandy devastated states to the north. >> today the president heard pleas for help from people still in the dark, still without their homes and where more relief could be on the way. >> and mysterious objects over the mile high city.
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. you won't believe it but this police officer survives this crash. the officer is walking back to his squad car when a truck driving by swerves and hits the cruiser parked on the side of the road. the officer managed to make it into his cruiser. amazingly only had a few strained muscles and bumps and bruises. police are investigating what caused the driver to crash. and a plane on the side of the road. it happened in california. a small plane had engine trouble so the pilot landed onto the highway. remember a couple years ago we had a traffic helicopter -- a traffic plane that landed on 795. the road stayed open afterred landing though traffic was
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slow. a safety inspector arrived the plane went back into the air. look at this. >> a mysterious object has been spotted over the skies of the mile high city. a denver man took this video. he said the object appeared around noon, at least a few time times a week. a local news man also captured the same strange object. even a flying object said i don't know what it is. >> that is not a plane. that is not a helicopter. those are not birds. i can't identity if. >> a man with glasses never lies. the faa said they don't know of any air craft at this time. >> it's like a bug. >> come on. ufo. >> all right. >> you say so. >> how many of you got to take a vacation this year? >> chances not many.
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how many vacation days we are giving back. >> and moms and moms to be a new report is out talking about when it's okay to head home from the hospital after a c section. >> and sandy found lost treasures including love letters. the tale they tell straight ahead.
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